Q. Where is HSS?

A. Humber Street Sesh is held on the East side of Hull’s vibrant Marina. The postcode is HU1 1TU. Festival Location.

Q. Arriving via train or bus

A. The HSS site is around 20-25 minute walk from the Hull Paragon Interchange, HSS recommend visitors access the site by walking under the Myton Bridge flyover which is on High Street.

Q. Arriving by Car

A. There is no parking available onsite for festival visitors, however many car parks are open across the city. Local car parks include : Princes Quay (HU1 2PQ), King William House Car Park (HU1 1RS). Please check car park closing times when planning your journey to HSS.

Q. Is there a site map and programme?

A. We have plenty of site maps and programmes to issue around the festival site on the day. If you can’t wait and want to plan your day now you can do this on our Line Up and Stages pages or by downloading the NEW Humber Street App. The App can be found here in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Q. Are there road closures in place?

A. Road closures commence on Wednesday 2nd August at 8am and will continue to stay in place until Sunday 6th August at 4pm. Maps of roads affected can be found on the festival site and here – Road Closures & Residents Information.

Q. Where are the entry points at HSS?

A. The festival has 4 entry points : Wellington St West (Near to the marina footbridge), Humber Dock Street, Queen Street and High Street.

Q. When do the gates open?

A. The festival gates will open at 11am (11:00) on Saturday 5th August. The event will close at 11pm (23:00)

Q. Where can I buy a ticket before the event?

A. Advanced tickets have now sold out

Q. How much are tickets for HSS?

A. Pre-event tickets cost £10 (+£1 booking fee). Tickets will cost £15 on the day.
Early Bird Tickets were available in November and December at £5.

Q. Can I buy a ticket on the day?

A. Yes, tickets can be purchased from all entry points for £15 each subject to limited availability.

Q. I have already purchased my tickets, how do I get my wristband?

A. Basic stuff you need to know about your ticket:

  • Your ticket (online voucher) will be exchanged for a wristband at the specific Hull Box Office ticket pods located close to the Entry gates on Humber Dock Street.
  • Hull Box Office will be holding pre-festival ticket exchanges at Fruit (based on Humber Street) on Friday 4th August between 10am – 6:30pm.
  • Tickets can also be purchased here for £10 + £1 booking fee
  • Keep your code safe and don’t let anyone make copies, photos or recordings of your ticket

Q. Wristbands

A. Basic stuff you need to know about your wristband:

  • Wristbands are only valid if you wear it on your wrist
  • Wristbands that are damaged, glued, cut, with a pattern undone, broader than the hand are considered invalid!
  • Wristbands are non-transferable to another person
  • Damaged and lost wristbands cannot be replaced

Q. Missing Ticket

A. To enter HSS you will definitely need your code (bar code, QR code). So, don’t forget it! If you have it on your smart phone in a PDF format, that’s also great!

Q. Children at HSS

A. Children under the age of 12 (date of birth after 5th August 2005) can enter the Humber Street Sesh free of charge, but they need to wear a child wristband. They must be accompanied by an adult who can collect the wristband at the entrance.

  • Please familiarise your child with the HSS site, pick a point where to meet if you lose each other. Ideally this would be the lost children & welfare tents which will be located in the C4Di car park.

Q. Disability Policy at HSS

A. HSS are more than happy to offer free entry to carers accompanying disabled persons. Please speak to the nearest member of staff when arriving at the festival. Please see our Festival Disability Policy.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. We’d prefer you to leave your dog at home, as we expect 30,000 people to attend our event and with 14 stages and 200 acts performing it will be noisy. However, if you must bring your dog, he/she must be on a lead at all times and you must follow event staff rules at all times and clean up any dog mess.

Q. Refunding Tickets

A. Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

Q. Will I be searched at entry?

A. Bag and body searches will be carried out by security staff on all gates.


Q. First Aid at HSS

A. First Aid is available at HSS and is located on the corner where Queen St meets Pier St – please seek out the nearest member of event staff in any emergency.

  • We would like to ask you to take care of yourselves and each other. We recommend you refresh yourselves with lots of alcohol-free drinks, apply suntan lotion to yourselves liberally and wear caps. In case you feel unwell, please approach the medical staff.

Q. Safety at HSS

A. Please keep in mind to check the items you can bring and cannot bring to the festival and please note our Site Rules.

  • No glass of any kind
  • No drugs or legal highs
  • No sneaking in alcohol on site
  • No weapons/ multi-tools/ knives
  • No fires
  • No hawkers
  • No flyering
  • No laser pens
  • No crowd surfing
  • No underage drinking
  • Random bag searches will take place at entry gates
  • Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult

Q. Weather

A. During HSS the weather is generally great ! Meaning: usually sunny with a possibility of showers. Check the weather forecast before leaving for the festival. In addition, make sure you have a raincoat and sun cream, just in case.


Check out these tips and information collected for you!

  • Alcohol, cigarettes & drugs: We kindly ask you to drink responsibly.
  • Intoxicated guests and visitors under the age of 18 will not be served with any alcoholic beverages. Please be aware of others when smoking amongst crowds and near children.
  • Important: consumption of narcotics is strictly forbidden and is against the law.
  • Food and shopping: We have many great food concessions across the site and there are plenty of stalls to browse at the market place. Please make a note of the Warren Stall where you can pick up some of the bands/acts merchandise.
  • Look after each other: Look out for your friends. If anyone feels dizzy, sick, weak or has problems with his vision please contact the medical staff immediately. Protect yourself against the sun, eat and rest as much as you can, drink a lot of non-alcoholic beverages and wash your hands regularly! Drink alcohol with care to avoid accidents occurring due to drunkenness.
  • Medications: If you need to take medication regularly please bring a sufficient amount of it with you.
  • Valuables: Please only bring the most necessary items with you. If possible leave your valuables at home. We kindly ask you to hand in any items found on site to the welfare, production or event staff.
  • Toilets: There are plenty of accessible toilets available across the HSS festival site and we understand that these will be busy at certain times. We encourage visitors to wait patiently for these toilets and not use alley ways and buildings.
  • Walking around: Getting from one location to another might take a longer time than you would expect because of the crowd, so we advise you leave early to get to each stage in time. When arriving and leaving the festival you may notice the main road crossings can be very crowded, please be patient, don’t push others, don’t try to walk opposite to traffic and move along with the crowd.
  • Cashless Payments: There aren’t any ATMs located on the festival site, please note the closest ATMs are located in Princes Quay, outside M&S or close to Yates on Whitefriargate. Some bars may however take card payments and offer a cash back service.
  • Lost and found: Most items lost at HSS are usually reunited with owners at the Site Office located on Blanket Row. Please ask event staff if you have any queries.
  • Photography and Media: Please note that photography, interviews and video recordings will take place at the festival – by entering the site you are confirming that you agree to take part in this activity which may be used for promotional and editorial work.

£10 Advanced Tickets - SOLD OUT

Tickets - £15 at the gates

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