7:15pm - 7:45pm (Friday)

At the end of 2017, Jacob (vocals) and Will (drums) met at college through a shared love of Idles and similar sounds, and with this passion started playing together as a two piece, with Jacob on guitar and singing duty. Through acquaintances, Rowan (bass) was added to the line-up, with him luckily sharing a similar palette of music. Lastly Scott (guitar), who they knew through mutual friends and frequenting local shows in Hull, completed the line-up and allowed Jacob to solely focus on vocal duties.

After practising as this final iteration for some time, we decided to move into a shared rehearsal room where other local bands LUMER and Cannibal Animal were also located. Now in our own space, we have been able work on new material and develop our stage presence, both of which have been displayed at local venues supporting the likes of The Murder Capital, Phobophobes, and friends Polevaulter. The plan for 2019 is more shows around the UK, and releasing a single or EP by the end of the year.

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