The Joe Strummer Foundation

4:00pm - 4:30pm (Saturday)

Bull were forged late in 2011, originally as an attempt to start a ceilidh band (Irish folk music). They gigged lots and wrote lots of songs.

Self released album In 2014, 'She Looks Like Kim'. In 2016 they moved to London and lived on their friends floors for months, touring the city. In that summer, they travelled to Europe for the first time, as far as Prague and performing in many great European cities. In 2017 they spent time in France and Germany, as well as touring the UK extensively, changing their line-up and recording regularly.So far, 2018 has seen Bull record in Amsterdam with Remko Schouten (live sound engineer for Pavement) and tour for 6 weeks in the USA, from New York to Austin for SXSW then backup the East Coast from Austin to Boston. They made a music video for their track “Perfect Teeth” on a day off in North Carolina, releasing it the next day. The band will be touring the Netherlands and the UK in May with Canshaker Pi, with plans for an extensive European tour in September, and another trip to IJland Studio to record again with the great Remko Schoute.