Nadsat (Catch Recordings)

2:00pm - 4:00pm (Saturday)

Nadsat is the owner of Catch Recordings, a DJ and music producer. His widespread understanding of techno and musical vision enables him to showcase his personal integration of music throughout both his music and record label. Showcasing the rough industrial side of techno, married with the emotive, softer side to create emotion and intrigue.

Catch was created as an outlet to showcase his musical vision, to release forward-thinking electronic music from artists that deliver across the board. The attention to detail is paramount in each stage, from sourcing new artists to working tirelessly with the artists and designers to put together the perfect EP, creating a physical piece of art. This way, the music represents the label, the label represents the artists and the artwork encapsulates all of the above, so when you hold one of their records, you feel like you own something special.