Chest Pains

Hull College
Spiders From Mars Big Top

3:35pm - 4:05pm (Saturday)

Emerging from the nooks and crannies of Leeds’ fiercely independent DIY scene and counting the city’s renegades, reprobates, and rascals among their friends and foes.

Chest Pains are a Fuzzed out Post­Punk 4­piece that boast an eclectic arsenal of songs and are known for their high energy live performances. Meeting in the city’s well­worn edgesat CHUNK, the four of them are fearless in their creativity, telling it as it is and breathe and quite literally, live music. They’ve just spent Spring of 2018 working on their debut EP with MJ of Hookworms, which is due to be released later on in the year.

On single ‘Petrified’ ­DIY Mag ­“Squiggles of heavily distorted guitars fly around the track’s verse like flies, atop a bed of howled vocals and a post­punk bassline, before an ear­splitting chorus makes its entrance. Music from Leeds is loud right now, andChestPainsmore than earn their spot in amongst the madness.”Bristol Live Mag ­“Yet another incredible band from Leeds, Chest Painsmake dark, dirty post­punk that should more than satisfy those in need of a shot of adrenaline. The vocals, like a gnarlier Ian Curtis, sound isolated but powerful, and are perfectly complimented by the driving rhythm section.”

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