Cuba Drive

Humber Dock Stage

3:50pm - 4:20pm (Saturday)

CubaDrive are made up of brothers Vinny, John and Steve Shepherd. It was 2011, when Vinny found himself sitting on a pile of songs he had written and he says that this was getting ‘quite uncomfortable’. John had completed a music degree and was getting older and even better on the guitar. He is now CubaDrive lead guitarist and certified string genius. Vin decided it was time to get some of his original music out there, so he asked a friend Spike (Iain Lowery), who plucks the bass real nice to join CubaDrive and ‘climb aboard the noise taxi’. The drummer Grav (Andrew Gravill) is a good friend of the band, he keeps beats for fun, having played in early childhood bands. Steve the older brother heard the early recording of the debut album ’10 messages received’ and wanted to bring his own mutha plucking skills to the party with his dreamy 12 string guitar and CubaDrive was complete and ready to spread the word....

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