"A morbid and vulnerable reaction to hulls grizzly exterior. Introducing melancholy 80’s to harsher new territory and getting lost somewhere later.

Deadset was formed in 2022, originally a concept thought up by guitarist James Massey and Sam Mellors who discovered a genuine bond over writing music together. After their previous project, Girl Afraid came to an abrupt end.

The sound, however, was manufactured into a more morbid, gritty, and tense direction when bassist Adam Arnold and drummer Rio Campbell joined the project. Taking the classic indie sensibilities of the other two members into harsher new territories. Their influences heavily rely on alternative 80s and 90s bands such as Deftones and Joy Division. Deadset came to life when the band wrote as a group and embraced each other’s musical preferences.

Striving constantly to be more progressive and unique. Their live sound fluctuates between genres. Chorus laden, loaded with fuzz and grit. A band birthed trying to escape the monotony and boredom of life in Hull.

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