Indigo Bay

Running on feeling, Indigo Bay value earnest vulnerability over laddy machismo. Sleep deprived but too wired to try, these unlikely lads are conduits for widescreen indie-pop that explores themes of shame, joy, bravery and fear. So far, so Brooklyn bedsit. Yet as the camera pans to the window, we see wharfs and ports. Salt-mist and foam perma-cloud the foot of cranes reaching in and out of the estuary like docile arcade grabber claws. Docks and spillways are backfilled with shipping containers. Trawlers with repetitive motion injury arise from lethargic sleep and gradually trudge out to sea. This is Grimsby. A large port town, North Lincolnshire, UK. An aspiration casino where the house nearly always wins. Being an indie band from a town seeped in post-Thatcher Nihilism and nu-metal can feel like yelling through a walkie-talkie during a hurricane. Yet from the post-industrial decline, emerge indie-heavyweights in waiting: Indigo Bay radiate the kind of airtight, low- stakes, high-serotonin indie-pop that bumps the nervous system. Addictive melodies and gigantic pop hooks that deliver the same blue-sky-whiplash as the first day of spring.

Indigo Bay are: Callum Minks – lead vocals and rhythm guitar / George Gray – bass guitar and backing vocals / Amias Burrows – drums and backing vocals / Alex Plater –lead guitar and backing vocals.

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