Jack Conman

The Joe Strummer Foundation

8:40pm - 9:10pm (Friday)

Butler & Whites
Speak Easy 2

6:20pm - 6:45pm (Saturday)

Jack Conman is a Hull, UK born Songwriter and multi instrumentalist who built a reputation for introspective and dreamily melancholic indie-pop. From releasing the more sombre "Euphoria Springs" EP in 2016 he has released the more experimental and more electric "Heddison" at the beginning of 2018. In the summer of 2016 Conman met Hull based producer Kev La Kat through his manager at Warren records, Conman and Kat then went on to record at the producer's apartment in Hull to release the collaborative track "Borderline" before producing Conman's latest body of work "Heddison". Conman and Kat have continued to work together and formed their new sister Label, Axolotl Records to release Conman's material. Jack Conman has recently upped sticks to Manchester where he met current band mates Dylan Gelpke, Ben Morrod and Jack Allbones at University. Conman is currently working on another body of work and is set to tour at the end of the year.