Jodie Langford

Jodie Langford began as an unapologetically Northern spoken word artist with a unique and passionate message who quickly became the go-to voice for the youth within her hometown of Hull.

Coupled with her unique voice comes an incredible talent to turn observations of the world around her and her personal experiences into relatable, dry and often funny lyrical content that tackles everything from downing pints, dead-end jobs, the government’s treatment of young people to more personal relationship issues. Her message is universal and everyone can find something to latch on to in each of
her songs.

Her debut release ‘I Miss It’ dealt with the feelings everyone shared after being cooped up inside during the Covid lockdowns, the silly things we all missed on nights out with your mates and it became an instant hit garnering thousands of streams and a few plays on BBC 6Music. Jodie continues to write and perform with local producer Endoflevelbaddie.

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