My Pleasure

The Joe Strummer Foundation

12:00pm - 12:30pm (Saturday)

I hate band bios. Also, I’m not a band. Some guest musicians (and/or my kids) appear on the records,but mostly it’s me. I met myself in Hull, UK, in 1988 when I was born and have been together ever since. I try to make my music sound good and I hope that every track has an impact on you. I want to make a connection with you. I want each song to be different to the last. I want each album to be your favourite. I’d like to dance more on stage but I’m tied down by having to sing into a microphone and play the guitar without stopping. It’s hard to do all three at once. I describe myself as ͞weird pop͟ because my mum thinks it’s weird. She doesn’t like the ones that use distortion and she describes them as ͞scratchy͟. I’m aiming to release as many albums as possible before I die.

"A terrific piece of observational pop music with a wry sense of humour."
— Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music

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