Sex Injuries

Photograph: Thomas Arran

Camerons Brewery
Road Crew Rock Stage

3:00pm - 3:30pm (Saturday)

Hardcore punk rock / metal band formed in 2014 by 5 Hull dwelling misfits who felt the need to make a special and quite horrible brand of noise that deviated from the sound of other heavy bands. Bringing together influences from Converge, Queens of the Stone Age, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Red Fang, Uncle acid and the Deadbeats, Black Flag, Daughters, Municipal Waste and Thin Lizzy; blast beats meet harmonised duel guitar riffs and crushing breakdowns in a raucous fashion which has won the band admirers from different scenes. Sex Injuries debut CD has sold out of it's first pressing meanwhile 4 new songs have been recorded for a 2nd EP to be released in 2018. Sex Injuries are set to follow up their European tour in 2017 (including a slot at Bloodshed Festival in Eindhoven) with more touring and recording of new music.

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