Meet The Team

“There's a core of around 20 of us, that work on the Festival throughout the year, and we'd love to introduce some of them to you now. I may get the plaudits and be the face of the Sesh, but as Joe Strummer said ‘Without people, we're nothing’. These people below are responsible for the success of the festival as much as I am.

There's a great mix of personalities and characters, who all bring different skill sets to the festival's melting pot, and we all share the common ethic of staying positive, being creative and wholly engaging. I'm so very proud of our team for what we've achieved over the last seven years.

Our motto has always been ‘Individually great, collectively awesome’ which epitomises the spirit of ‘Sesh’.”


Mark Page

Festival Director / Creative Manager

[email protected]

What vinyl would you choose for Desert Island discs?

Portishead - Live at the Roseland NYC.

Who would be your top three headliners at Sesh?

Bob Marley, Massive Attack and Cypress Hill

First gig?

The Specials at 11 with a group of mates from big school, all in our braces and fred perry's sharing a trilby hat between us all. ‘Two Tone’ set me up for a life of music.

Justine Peacock

Festival Director / Health & Safety & Production Manager

[email protected]

What was the first album you bought?

The Grease Soundtrack with my pocket money when I was 5.

Aside to Humber Street Sesh, what's your favourite Event in the city?

I work at some fantastic events in the city, but my favourite aside to HSS, is the Minerva Gin Festival.

What's the best thing about Hull people?

The collective spirit and pride for anything Hull.

Dave Mays

Festival Director / Site Manager

[email protected]

What was your first live gig?

Secret Affair, Withernsea Grand Pavillion 1979

Why's Humber Street Sesh so important to you?

Immense pride seeing it grow year on year.

What's your favourite nightclub in the UK?

Welly of course!!

Daniel Mawer

Festival Booker & Director's PA

[email protected]

What's your favourite UK Festival?

I visited The Great Escape Festival this year and loved it, an urban festival with a ridiculous roster of new talent to find, without needing wellies!

Who are you currently listening to at the moment?

I'm listening to a lot of Biig Piig, an Irish R&B artist who's musics helped me chill out a lot through hectic periods of booking the festival.

Who are you looking forward to the most at Humber Street Sesh?

I'm excited to see Fonda 500 on the Main Stage this year, and over the moon to have so many incredible artists playing the Spiders From Mars Big Top, including Team Picture and Lucia.

Elise Witty

Sponsorship & Communications Officer

[email protected]

What was the first gig you attended?

New Order at Hull City Hull

What's your favourite street food?

Indian or anything spicy

What's your favourite stage/or element at Humber Street Sesh?

Fruit for it's sweaty intense ambience or the stunning [email protected] ampitheatre.

Hanna Lutkin

Production Manager

[email protected]

What's your favourite UK Festival?

Not been for a while, but Glastonbury still holds a big place in my heart.

Who did you have posters of, on your bedroom wall as a kid?

Bands ! Hole, Kurt Cobain, Suede, Inspiral Carpets.

What do you enjoy about working at Humber Street Sesh?

From the beginning it's been the amazing sense of community in trying to pull this huge thing off!

James Symonds

Technical Manager

[email protected]

Who are your favourite three acts of all time?

Nirvana, Mogwai and Aretha Franklin

What's been your favourite concert venue?

I've engineered at the Buxton Opera House, played in The Garage in London, but The Adelphi in Hull will always be the best.

What's been the best gig you've worked on?

Has to be Humber Street Sesh, though Leeds Festival was a huge highlight when my band Turismo played it on the BBC Introducing Stage.

Isabelle Tracy

Art Director

[email protected]

What was the last album that you purchased?

Bunkerpop's Kickstarter Album

Who are your favourite three photographers?

Jane Brown, Pennie Smith, Anton Corbijn

What makes Hull special?

Us lot ! Working together through the hard times and good. People power in the disco hour.

Joe Hubbard

Festival Booker & Production Assistant

[email protected]

Favourite gig you've repped and where?

The Flaming Lips @ Zebedee's Yard, Hull. Not only was it one of my all time favourite gigs, but the band and crew were really lovely and it was an all round pleasure to work.

Favourite Radio DJ?

I would say Liza Tarbuck's Radio 2 show but that's probably not what you're after. Huw Stephens definitely plays the most tunes I like, so I'll go for him.

Who would you like to book for Humber Street Sesh?

I'm more than happy with this year's line up. On a general note, as we grow into the touring festival market it'd be nice to look at some more international acts.

Ali Hubbard

Artist Liaison Manager

[email protected]

Favourite Country visited?


Favourite Street Food?

I love a Bao - a Chinese steamed bun.

First album bought?

Carry On Up the Charts - Beautiful South

Joseph Cox

Form Shop & Studio / Festival Design

[email protected]

Who inspires your artistic style?

It constantly changes but but recently Eduardo Paolozzi quite a lot.

Favourite All Time Festival line up?

Probably a toss up between Godspeed You! Black Emperor curating All Tomorrows Parties and Glastonbury the year Arcade Fire headlined

Currently listening to?

Lots of Jazz and electronica, particularly Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Kamasi Washington and Sudan Archives.

Dave Courtney

Food & Markets Manager

[email protected]

Favourite three bands of all time from Hull?

Very unfair question : The Paddingtons, Cannibal Animal, The Neat

Best Festival attended?


Favourite street artists?

Dean Stockton aka D*FACE

Damien Greco

Hull Box Office

[email protected]

Whats your favourite all time band?

Prince and The Revolution

First single bought?

The Simpsons - “Do the Bartman”

Best festival ever attended?

Leeds Festival 2001 - The Strokes, Pulp, The White Stripes, Weezer, Foo Fighters, The Hives.

Rose Lavery

Ark Entertainments

[email protected]

What makes Hull great?

The vibrant and diverse music scene

Current CD in your car?

Paramore: After Laughter

Best concert attended?

Alexisonfire: Farewell Tour (2012)

Chris Seaward

MRN Print / Festival Printing Director

[email protected]

Favourite live band?

Talking Heads / Underworld

Favourite Festival?

Hull's Glastonbury - Humber Street Sesh

First ever album bought?

The Slider by T REX

Gareth Rooney

MRN Print / Festival Printing Manager

[email protected]

Favourite Frontman of a band?

Rich Hobson - Turismo… ha ha

Favourite DJ?

Dave Matthais

First ever 12” single bought?

Show Me Your Monkey - Percy Filth (Sam La More Funkk-up Mix)

Ian Cooper

Website Designer

Best place to see live music in Hull?

The Adelphi, and looking forward to seeing the new Fruit

Favourite bands in the city?

Fire (TUF), Fonda 500, Bunkerpop

Last CD bought?

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - And Now For The Whatchamacallit

Jess Patrick

Street Team Manager

[email protected]

Favourite three Hull bands?

Right now I'd say Counting Coins, Rosemary's Baby, and Runoffthestatic.

Best gig/festival you've worked?

HSS hands down. It's a joy to see everyone enjoying what the HSS team pull off.

What's your perfect job?

My job now to be honest! I'm proud to be from here, and promote the heck out of everything.

Mark Hall

Ark Entertainments Manager

[email protected]

First ever album bought?

Star Wars film soundtrack on vinyl (I was 6…)

What's your perfect job?

The one I have ! I am so lucky to work in this industry and I am hugely privileged to be surrounded by such lovely, hard-working creative people. You all rock!! (some of you literally!)

Favourite nightclub in the city?

The beast that is The Welly, She's been part of Hull's cultural landscape since 1913 and I am truly honoured to be part of her continuing story… Long live The Welly!

Rob Mays

Bar Manager

Who are your favourite bands from Hull?

The Paddingtons and Fronteers

What's your favourite venue in Hull?

The Polar Beer, Welly and Fruit

Favourite nightclub in the city?

Dreadzone - Second Light