Sesh Goes Green

In 2022, we signed up for the Oh Yes! Net Zero Campaign and made a public pledge to say, ‘Oh Yes’ to a greener Sesh. Fast-forward to 2023 and we’re doing everything we can to reduce our carbon emissions and net zero impact.

Oh Yes! Net Zero logo


This year, we’re proud to announce that all stages, bars and lighting will be powered by renewable green fuel (HVO) to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions, by a staggering 90%. The ethically sourced fuel is supplied by JR Rix & Sons Ltd and has been validated by our principal partners and founders Oh Yes Net Zero and University of Hull. Read all about it here.

Solar Power Stages

We continue to utilise a solar-powered Youth Stage which has had continued support from Wilberforce College since 2018.

Bamboo Wristbands

With support from the University of Hull, the festival’s principal partner, we continue to use biodegradable wristbands.


We’re working with bar operators, Central Fusion, to implement paper cups across all bars to reduce single-use plastic waste. Festival-goers are also encouraged to ditch plastic bottles and bring empty refillable water bottles to the site.

Food Concessions

We’ve implemented a contract that ensures all of our foodie concessions at the festival will be utilising sustainable materials such as wood and recyclable materials.


Hull City Council ensures that all waste generated from the event will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. All waste is either recycled or incinerated and nothing is sent to landfill. The festival is advocates of the #lovehullhatelitter campaign.


Festival organisers are also working on a sustainable travel plan with Hull Trains who sponsor the Dead Bod Stage, and other transport operators alongside Hull City Council, in a bid to encourage people to ditch their cars and use public transport. Get FREE TRAVEL with Hull Trains! Find out more here.


MRN’s festival signage is made from fluted polypropylene which has a lighter carbon footprint than the production of many other types of plastic and is considered more environmentally friendly than other plastics currently available.

Polypropylene is reusable and 100% recyclable and doesn’t release any toxic chemicals in the recycling process.

MRN are currently in the process of switching from PVC based banner materials which are not eco-friendly and all stage scrims are printed on polyester based materials which are 100% recyclable.