Beats Bus Stage

Beats Bus Stage

Beats Bus Records are back in action hosting the stage at the iconic Humber Street Sesh 2023. They're about to bring the heat with an unforgettable display of talent and edutainment. As the official curators of the hip-hop stage, Beats Bus Records are going to showcase a mixture of DJing, live music, breakdance dance workshops, and songwriting to keep the crowd engaged throughout the day.

To kick things off, we got some sick scratch DJs to get the crowd hyped. They'll be showing off their expertise, keeping everyone on their toes and getting even the shyest peeps up on their feet, ready to party.

Beats Bus Records will start things off with a songwriting workshop, where kids and hip-hop enthusiasts can level up their lyrical game hosted by Beats Bus.

Later there’s going to be an energy-packed breakdance workshop, where people from the local community and beyond can learn new moves and at the end adults can battle against the kids to win a mystery prize!

And finally, it's time for the main event—the live performances! Beats Bus Records has hand-picked an exceptional line-up of hip-hop artists. From faith rappers to local urban artists this stage is gonna showcase a diverse range of styles and sounds, so everyone can vibe to their own groove.

Last year's Beats Bus Records hip-hop stage at the Dock at Humber Street Sesh was a testament to their commitment to hip-hop culture and local talent. Through breakdance battles, live graffiti, songwriting workshops, live performances, scratch DJs, and their own headline set, they brought together hip-hop enthusiasts and families uniting them in their love for the culture.