Beats Bus

Beats Bus

Beats Bus Records are an interdependent community organisation who facilitate workshops and offer free mentorships to young people aged 8-25 teaching them all the elements of hip-hop 1. Rap 2. Djing 3. Graffiti 4. Breakdance and the most important 5. Knowledge.

They have won 9 awards so far for their community work the most recent being “Music Tutoring Business of the Year” for the 2nd year running from Yorkshire Prestige Awards. Adapting the ethos of the Zulu nation #EACHONETEACHONE #EACHONEREACHONE. Beats Bus Records have changed the lives of many young people in Hull instilling confidence in them and bringing out their creative flare.

We then provide them with the opportunity to release their own songs and music videos on our label Beats Bus Records. They also receive full promotional support through our successful social media channels and their videos are
released on out YouTube channel.

For more information please visit their website: