Hull Trains Dead Bod Stage

Paying homage to the iconic Dead Bod, a piece of graffiti that became a landmark for ships on the Humber.

Please have a read of a great article about the history of Dead Bod by Lew Knox from 2017 -

We're always delighted to have the full support of Captain Len 'Pongo's' Rood's family each year, and we'd like to encourage all to buy the official 'Dead Bod' Merchandise from Clem Wear who give a percentage of all profits to the amazing Humber Rescue Service.

The Dead Bod stage plays host to some of the very best contemporary acts from around the region fusing various styles and can be found opposite one of our most supportive venues on site, the historic Minerva Pub.

Hull Trains are delighted to be sponsoring the Dead Bod Stage at this year's Humber Street Sesh – the festival is a fantastic showcase of everything cultural the city and the community has to offer. Come and see us by the historic Minerva Pub and we hope to see you very soon on one of our brand new £60m fleet of trains which will be in use at the end of the year.

Khalid Amin
Head of Digital, Hull Trains