Road Crew Rock Stage

The Rock Stage has moved from pillar to post over the years, and this year find's itself in a brand new location yet again. Situated on Nelson Street facing the River Humber with amazing views of The Deep, our Rock Stage will feature the very best bands from the region's Rock & Metal scene representing the various styles and genres that enrich it. Expect to hear everything from Punk Rock to Sludge Metal.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to use our newly created Motörhead Röad Crew beer as one of the key sponsors at this year's Hull Sesh Festival. Obviously the to be associated with the 'Rock Stage' at the event fits perfectly with Motörhead Beer and it was always our intention to look to be involved with key music events and festivals around the world. When we first started discussing brewing Röad Crew it was always in our minds to create a beer that was crisp, hoppy and refreshing and could be enjoyed all day at a music festival.

Motörhead For Life!

Simon Ritson, Camerons Brewery